Instrumentation Downloads

 Combined Instrumentation Installer for Windows XP/Vista/7:

This install program will install all of the current applications for the IE-45.  These programs require activation with a password generated from the serial number of the IE-45 on which that application will be run.  Once activated, the password is stored in the IE-45 hardware and that application can be run from any computer without additional activation.  You may be prompted when the drivers are being installed because they are not verified by Microsoft - this is normal and you can safely continue on with the install.

The applications installed by this program are:

  • QManager (a Windows system service that interfaces with the hardware)
  • RTA
  • LEQ
  • Record
  • STiPa
  • ZMeter

Download the Combined Installer version 2.061 Now

5 Minute STI-PA noise (.wav)

3 Minute Polarity Clicks

Miscellaneous Tones and Sweeps