The IR-3D is an infrared sensor system designed to be used in conjunction with Ivie’s programmable iFlex mixers. The IR-3D provides a logical signal to the mixer indicating whether a door is open or closed. A mixer can be programmed to reconfigure the sound system based on which doors are open, combining rooms, changing levels, mix parameters, routing signals, EQ, and other DSP parameters to meet the need of the desired configuration for that state. The Lightsource/Receiver combination is designed for easy installation with the inclusion of a beam alignment indicator on the Receiver unit. When the Receiver is illuminated by the infrared Lightsource, the red beam alignment LED will light, indicating proper alignment. Special circuitry is employed to assure that the Receiver will respond only to infrared light from the Lightsource. RJ-45 connectors are used on the Lightsource and Receiver brackets. The IR-3D is a Smart Contol© designed for use with Ivie Technologies iFlex mixers.



• Rugged steel construction
• Beam alignment indicator
• Single CAT5e or better cable from RMI-IR3D to the
iFlex mixer
• Standard Cat5e cable between Lightsource and



RMI-IR3D Datasheet