iFlex MAP-3

The MAP-3 is a three module chassis in the iFlex MAP line of mixers. It supports a 16x16 matrix of inputs and outputs that can be used as either hardware or network audio channels. The three module positions of the MAP-3 support all of the MAP modules and provide for 12 total hardware channels of audio in any mix of paired inputs and outputs. The MAP-3 is offered pre-configured in a range of models including the 620, 840, 12x, x12 and others.

The internal signal flow, mixing components, and signal processing and routing
components are all custom configurable by the end user. The entire system design is user definable,
using Ivie’s Sonata software. Control can be through an every broadening range of Ivie external
sensors, and controls. Third party RS-232, RS-485, and network control systems and other remote control
devices are also compatible with iFlex. Multi-box systems can be designed using standard Ethernet
protocol connections for control and audio routing between units.

• 3 module positions for 12 hardware audio channels
• 4 Logic-I/O ports for remote controls and RS-232
• RS-485 access for third-party controllers
• RS-232 access for third-party controllers
• Ethernet port for software access
• Multi-box audio and control via standard TCP/IP
• User-friendly Sonata software for layout/design
• Mix, combine, route, multi-processing, etc.
• Comes with pre-defined simple layout
• CE marked
• RoHs and Weee compliant
• Covered by Ivie’s 5 year warranty
Ability to select, view, control and adjust:
-mixers: standard, auto, matrix, etc.
-Filters: PEQ, HP, LP, H shelf, L shelf
-EQ: graphic and parametric
-Crossovers: 2, 3, and 4-way
-Dynamics: comp/limit, ALC
-Complete matrix routing
-Special Tap/Source routing
-Group attachments/controls
-Delays: 0~22,000 ms total allocatable
-Controls: level, logic, modes, etc.
-Meters: bar/level
-Signal Gen: Sine, pink, white, red
iFlex MAP 3 Datasheet iFlex MAP Brochure iFlex Users Manual iFlex Installation Guide