RMI 6, RMI 10


The RMA-6, and RMA-10 remote controls are designed for use with Ivie Technologies iFlex mixers. They consist of a set of six or ten remote control potentiometers built into a stand-alone “lap mixer” body.This control is an RS485 based Smart Control that will self-identify for ease of programming. The RMI-6 and RMI-10 also have the capability to auto-identify with an iFlex mixer, where the mixer will sense the presence of the RMI-6 or RMI-10 as it is physically connected as if a contact closure had been made. This allows the RMI-6 or RMI-10 to take control of the system by simply plugging the unit into an RJ45 wall jack. Over-all construction is very rugged.

Connection to the iFlex mixer is via a single Cat5E or better cable. Programming of the controls is done in the hardware programmer section of the Sonata software.


• Each potentiometer may be assigned by iFlex Sonata software to control any level or combination of levels in a Sonata layout or design.
• iFlex mixers can sense if the RMI-10 is present or not, and can be set to revert to levels preset in the layout if the mixer is not present.
• Communication from the RMI-10 remote control to an iFlex mixer is by means of RS-485 over standard Cat5e (or better) cable.
• A 25 foot length of supple, stranded-conductor Cat5e cable with black jacket is provided. The RJ-45 connector on each end is rubber booted for protection and strain relief.
  • Connection of the cable to the RMI-10 is by means of a robust RJ-45 connector in one side of the remote control body.
• RMI-6
• Size - 8 1/2 x 4 x 1 1/2 in.
• Weight - 12.3 oz.
• RMI-10
• Size - 12 x 4 x 1 1/2 in.
• Weight 1 lb. 3 oz.


RMI-6, RMI-10 Datasheet