iFlex Modular Audio Platform (MAP) DSP mixers

The iFlex line of DSP mixers just got a whole lot bigger (and better). With the addition of the Modular Audio Platform (MAP) series to the iFlex mixer line, there are now over 16 new fixed architecture mixers, and an almost limitless number of user-selectable modular configurations, all using the SonataTM software for programming and control. iFlex mixers can now be configured with 4 channel module cards such as mic/line input, line output, dual I/O, AEC line output, AES input, AES output, and FIR DSP line output, as well as telephony, logic I/O, and relay modules. Any MAP mixer will accept any MAP module, in any configuration. This means that even a small channel count system can now have an impressive level of performance (such as AEC, or FIR DSP) at an equally impressive price. MAP modules also come with an improved noise floor, dynamic range, additional gain stange selections, and a host of features that will make your next mixer configuration exactly what you want - nothing more, nothing less.


If you haven't been introduced to the new MAP series, we invite you to experience our latest and best.



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