RMPC 12-45

The RMPC 12-45 is a multi-channel custom remote control interface designed to be used with iFlex mixer products. It is designed to be used as a connection interface to custom remote controls such as custom wall plates with multiple potentiometers, switches and lights. The RMPC 12-45 allows for connection of the remote controls to a single interface at the location of the rack, with a single Cat5e (or better) cable to the iFlex mixer. The RMPC 12-45 will provide connections for 12 switches, 12 potentiometers, and 12 leds, vie either RJ45 port or Euroblock connector.  The RJ45 and Euroblock connectors are hard-wired in parrallel.  In addition, remote switch logic jumpers are provided for each input, enabling the installer to configure each of the twelve ports individually for either “Switch Lo” ground reference or “Switch Hi” 24 VDC reference.

Communication of control positions and states is sent via RS-485 protocol from the RMPC 12-45 to one of the I/O ports on the iFlex mixer. The iFlex Sonata software allows configuration of the individual channels and functions associated with the RMPC product.