The RMPC-4, RMPC-8, RMPC-12 are multi-channel custom remote control interfaces designed to be used with iFlex mixer products. They are designed to be used as a connection interface to custom remote controls such as custom wall plates with multiple potentiometers, switches and lights. The RMPC products allow for connection of the remote controls to a single, small interface at the location of the remote panel, with only one Cat5e (or better) cable run from the remote panel location to the rack. The RMPC-4 will provide connections for 4 switches, 4 potentiometers, and 4 leds. The RMPC-8 and 12, will provide similar functionality, but for 8 and 12 of each type respectively.

Communication of control positions and states is sent via RS-485 protocol from the RMPC to
one of the I/O ports on the iFlex mixer. The iFlex Sonata software allows configuration of the
individual channels and functions associated with the RMPC product.


RMPC 4/8/12 Datasheet