IE-45 Seat To Seat

This is a tool intended for the working consultant, acoustician, or contractor. By invoking Seat‑to‑Seat, the user can “walk” portions of the intended speaker coverage area (while playing pink noise through the system) and easily record plus and minus SPL variations to determine the Seat‑to‑Seat SPL variation. This function adds a very useful and practical tool for those who tune, aim, and adjust sound systems. Using the Seat‑to‑Seat function, the consultant and contractor can easily "proof" the sound system high frequency dispersion as well as simple Seat‑to‑Seat level.




The Seat‑to‑Seat function allows the application of all of the weighting and filtering available in the IE‑45's sound level meter, including Flat, A, C, and octave bands at 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, and 4kHz. Selecting the appropriate octave filters when making Seat‑to‑Seat measurements allows the user to make judgments with regard to intelligibility in overlap and other hard‑to‑reach areas.

Detector Selection

The Seat‑to‑Seat function also allows selection of all of the SPL meter’s broad band detectors (Fast, Slow, Peak and Impulse).

Min/Max Data Info

The Seat‑to‑Seat display presents the information in both graphic and numeric forms. At any time the user can easily reset the reference level and continue testing. The vertical graphic bar presents in a very intuitive form not only the current SPL and whether it is above or below the reference level, but also the minimum and maximum levels since last reset.